Sweet Sorrow
A Zombie Ballet

By Leigh Purtill

Various ways to help the cause:

Zombie Ballet is an original ballet that will be creeping into full
production on October 8, 2017!
But the zombies need your help .​​
Here are some great looking shirts designed by Bill Reiss for the Sweet Sorrow Zombie Ballet, worthy of George Romero's imagination.
Proceeds go to helping the production COME TO LIFE!
  1. Bill Reiss Zomie Ballet Graphic
  2. Bill Reiss Zomie Ballet Graphic Inverted
  3. Romero-esque title card Scare LA video
  4. Scare LA 2016 group shot, Leigh cowering in the center
  5. Title care from Scare LA video
  6. Another shot from The Gong Show
  7. Going after judges on The Gong Show
  8. Zombie Ballet on The Gong Show
  9. Zombie Ballet Gong Show Performance
  10. Judges Will Forte, Fred Armisen & Elizabeth Banks
  11. The Stage is Set
  12. Title 13