Sweet Sorrow® A Zombie Ballet

By Leigh Purtill

Sweet Sorrow, A Zombie Ballet
Thank you all for coming out and your support

We couldn't have done it without you

L.A.'s only annual ballet celebrating the Halloween Season
Before The Nutcracker , come get spooked!

Zombie Ballet
The Gong Show

Aired on
Thursday June 29th 2017
​On ABC at 10pm - 9pm Central
​Click the video below to watch
Our Outstanding Performers in Alphabetical Order

Ellie Hara
Jen Marchain
Marisela Miranda
Lana Mousessian
Wilma Woo

Leigh Purtill


With a desire to bring ballet to the masses, Leigh Purtill Ballet Company strives to focus on projects that draw more people to the art form and to truly make “Ballet for Everyone.” Our debut production on October 8th, 2017 did just that. We want to give ballet fans and non-fans alike a compelling reason to think of ballet in October and to get ballet on everyone’s mind before the traditional season begins. A beautifully-awkward, gracefully-creepy little tale, SWEET SORROW™ A ZOMBIE BALLET hopes to do for Halloween what Nutcracker has done for Christmas. We think it's about time.
  1. Bill Reiss Zomie Ballet Graphic
  2. Bill Reiss Zomie Ballet Graphic Inverted
  3. Romero-esque title card Scare LA video
  4. Scare LA 2016 group shot, Leigh cowering in the center
  5. Title care from Scare LA video
  6. Another shot from The Gong Show
  7. Going after judges on The Gong Show
  8. Zombie Ballet on The Gong Show
  9. Zombie Ballet Gong Show Performance
  10. Judges Will Forte, Fred Armisen & Elizabeth Banks
  11. The Stage is Set
  12. Title 13