Sweet Sorrow® A Zombie Ballet

By Leigh Purtill


The Leigh Purtill Ballet Company is a nonprofit 501(c)3 with the goal of making ballet accessible to everyone. We're dedicated to increasing public awareness of and participation in ballet and expand its benefits of physical and mental health. By funding dancers, choreographers, artists, musicians, composers, designers, costumers, and other creative people, we help bring art and beauty into the world.
We're building on what's come before without being constrained by ballet's traditions in order to make ballet inclusive of all. Our goal is to build this into something bigger than even we could imagine - and we have a pretty big imagination.
  1. Bill Reiss Zomie Ballet Graphic
  2. Bill Reiss Zomie Ballet Graphic Inverted
  3. Romero-esque title card Scare LA video
  4. Scare LA 2016 group shot, Leigh cowering in the center
  5. Title care from Scare LA video
  6. Another shot from The Gong Show
  7. Going after judges on The Gong Show
  8. Zombie Ballet on The Gong Show
  9. Zombie Ballet Gong Show Performance
  10. Judges Will Forte, Fred Armisen & Elizabeth Banks
  11. The Stage is Set
  12. Title 13